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I offer editorial and consultation services that also include pitch consultations, script and art editing for comic books, novels, webtoons and manga/manhwa/manhua.

Comic Books


Editor Girl, LLC is here to help you bring your comic book to the next level! Offering a range of services, from proofreading and copyediting to story development and character design, helping you create a comic book that will captivate your readers and leave them wanting more. 


Verticle scroll comics are labor-intensive and need lots of prep work. Editor Girl, LLC is well-versed in webtoon creation, and can provide consulting services, as well as editorial. If you're thinking about getting into the game, go in prepared by securing services through Editor Girl, LLC.

Comic Book Pitches


Editor Girl, LLC will provide an evaluation of your property, art or script, in addition to helping to put together your creative team, and go over potential connections with Publishers that would be best suited to your project.


Editor Girl, LLC will provide comprehensive feedback on your work, including suggestions for plot, character development, and overall structure and also includes copy editing and proofreading.



Editor Girl, LLC is well-versed in Manga (Japanese comics), Manhua (Chinese comics) and Manhwa (Korean comics). Look no further to elevate your story and receive professional advice on where your Manga belongs in the current comics ecosystem.

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