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We've got the perfect package to suit your needs, from setup to teardown and everything in between.  Whether it's an Elvish wedding, Festivus, or a good old-fashioned Ragnarok, we're happy to provide a free consultation and bring your vision to life.

​Welcome to the party, pal.


We specialize in conventions, launch parties, premieres, pop ups and whatever other pop culture event you're thinking about throwing. We'll cover all your needs, but you gotta bring your own Bruce Willis (though he does have a knack for being the wrong guy in the wrong place at the wrong time).

Nobody puts Baby in the corner.

We can get you SPONSORSHIPS. We put the 'Promotions' part of our name to good use! We're always on the hunt for exciting new ways to bring attention to your event. Let's help put each other in the spotlight, because the internet isn't JUST for trolling people anonymously!

My Precious...

If you have your own favorite vendors, but need a consultation on how to execute a spectacular theme, we can help. The control always belongs to you (but remember...with great power comes great responsibility!).

Go ahead...make my day.
GeekChic Promotions has a comic book consultation arm called GeekChic Comics which includes not only creating custom comics, but also an evaluation of your property, art or script, helping to put together your creative team, editorial services and potential connections with Publishers. We will see the process through from start to finish. So whether you want full service, or just an editor to make sure your project is up to snuff, look no further!
Here's looking at you, kid.

If you're holding an event for Cosplayers, or are looking to Cosplay yourself, we'll help you get into character.  Whether it's makeup, fashion, concepts, or vendors, we are the one-stop authority on making sure YOU are the center of attention!

I'm in a glass case of emotion...

Whether you're a major publisher, independent artist, magazine or major motion picture studio, we can tailor a Comic-Con event to strengthen your brand! Don't get lost in the Comic-Con shuffle, become a go-to event! Whether it's San Diego, Anaheim or LA proper, we can make your party the hit of the convention!

There's no place like home...

How come we never talk anymore? Swing by Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube to check us out. I know our awesomeness seems intimidating, but we really just want you to make the first move! Please check us out let us know if you'd like to be a featured vendor or client, all from the snugly comfort of your couch or other sitting device.

Treat yo' self.
If you're putting together a screening, a charity event, or even an elegant gala, we can center it around your personal theme or business.  Let us help you impress.
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