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Welcome to GeekChic Promotions!

Our mission is to give pop culture enthusiasts the opportunity to celebrate their fandom.

Who are we?

GeekChic is Kristen Simon and RuthAnn Thompson. Two ladies who have worked in the pop culture industry for over a decade, mostly in events and comics, with a little bit of the movie industry thrown in for good measure! 

Read more about us here!

What's Our Goal?

To spotlight current events in pop culture with our YouTube channel. Join us for our fun livestream Nerd Rage, on Sundays at 10am PST, and then our review show Ru's Day Tuesday on Tuesdays at 12pm PST, followed by our Substack Newsletter on Wednesdays, where a paid subscription gives you access to our interviews on our Down to Nerd show on Thursdays, plus our podcast called Pin in It! And coming soon...a webtoon or two? 

What do we nerd out about?

Comics, movies, TV shows, events, pop culture phenomenas, food, and friends!

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